Mix-A-Max (2016, Maya)

I was responsible for all main character cycle animations on this collaborative game project. (walk, run, jump, idle, rocket boots, side step, etc).




Lowes X SCAD clc (2017, cinema 4d, ADobe after effects)

Collaborated with Lowe’s to research and develop concepts for exponentiallyaccelerating technologies poised to change the future through comic books. This video in particular was a commercial to show off the tech we created, and how it could be used in home.

THE CHAIR (2017, Maya)

I was assigned to give an inanimate object their own thoughts, as well as a motivation to complete a task.

Victory! (2017, maya)

I was assigned to give a character distinct emotion changes with audio. I was also tasked to create the character, and give him his specific traits. 

THE catcher (A 3D short film by Cassie Guidry)

I animated a shot of the soldier for the short film, collaborating with the director to make sure we maintained proper fluidity in motion and character between shots. My Shot- (00:54 to 01:04)


PENDULUM (2015, traditional)

I was assigned to make a swinging pendulum with an object hanging on the end (i chose a person).







FLOURSACK (2015, TRAditional)

I was assigned to bring a floursack to life and look inside a box. I focused a lot on timing, acting choices, and surprise.